If you’re lucky enough

To have the time to say goodbye

to someone

Cry a little, while smiling

Understand the beauty that was

and the one that won’t be

Feel your own hands one last time

Look at something



It won’t matter

It did.

Say more than goodbye if you can

And keep saying it all

Second by second

Or even if you’re lucky

Day by day

For what is this circus

If not a long and colorless


Olha, um cão

A luz amarela dos postes

Intercala seus semblantes

Entre a sombra

E a cauda que lhe entrega a euforia

Sob o amarelo ele para

Coça o pescoço, a orelha e a própria pata

Sobem as orelhas.

Observa e escuta.

Caminha até a esquina

E segue em direção ao mar,

Dobrando a rua.

Não sei o que ele pensa ou sente,

Mas ele está lá fora e eu aqui, pensando

Mais distante do mar do que ele.

Lucas Albino

I write when I feel I should and I wanted a space to leave it all before the end. I was born in Brazil, in 1990.

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